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Marisa Monte with Paulinho da Viola

February 28, 2008

Carinhoso, composed by Joao de Barro and Pixinguinha and performed by virtually every singer in Brazil at one time or another but here in a lovely version by Marisa Monte and Paulinho da Viola.

Brazilian LP covers

February 24, 2008

From Loronix, this is a small sampling of the incredible visual tapestry of Brazilian LPs and EPs from the last 50 years. (Happy 50th birthday, bossa nova!)

Tabu Ley

February 23, 2008

And now to the Congo with the Voice of Lightness: Tabu Ley Rochereau.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

February 22, 2008

The Surface Noise weekend video jukebox kicks off with Fela’s Suffering & Smiling as performed by his son Seun Kuti with Egypt 80 in 2005.

Ann Sheridan

February 18, 2008

At times, I Was A Male War Bride feels like it’s going to transcend its idiotic title and become a romantic charmer. Poor Cary Grant is saddled with a loutish character in a transparent effort to establish the type of conflict that works effortlessly in movies like It Happened One Night but seems painfully labored here: he doesn’t win our sympathy when he has to endure the protracted humiliation laid out for him. The look of discomfort on his face throughout the movie seems like it’s coming from Cary Grant and not the character he’s playing. The revelation of this movie is Ann Sheridan. She calmly takes Grant’s abuse and gives back better than she gets. She alone makes this movie worth watching. The directors of the day should have searched the earth for scripts worthy of her talent.

Concha Buika

February 14, 2008

Mi Niña Lola by Concha Buika.

Made In Dakar

February 13, 2008

In the absence of any evidence of an American release soon, your host bit the bullet and ordered the UK World Circuit edition of Orchestra Baobab‘s magisterial new CD, Made In Dakar. He does not regret the decision. Lusciously recorded and played with the assurance of decades of experience, the disc breaks no new ground but solidifies Baobab’s timeless power. Highest recommendation.

Tip of the cap to House at Intro‘s typically fantastic retro to the future packaging design.

No Regrets For Our Youth

February 12, 2008

Better known for her work as the semi-tragic unwed daughter in a number of Ozu’s family dramas, Setsuko Hara shows even more depth in Akira Kurosawa’s 1946 film (part of another great new Criterion/Eclipse box set). Her innocence is lost as the characters are swept up in the politics of 1930s Japan and she is forced to draw upon an inner strength that life didn’t seem to have prepared her for. An imperfect film, but one worth viewing as Hara goes through a deep physical and spiritual transformation in a memorable performance.

Rokia Traore

February 8, 2008

The Surface Noise Jukebox brings you more exquisite music from Mali, this time courtesy of Rokia Traore, performing Sara from her Bowmboi album.

The Best $1 I Spent in 2007

February 7, 2008

OK, so it took 35 years but I finally own a copy of Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.

I’ve treasured multiple Al Green Greatest Hits LPs and CDs over the years, but I’ve never owned a copy of this LP until now.

If you are a wedding DJ and you arrive at the gig without the title song from this album you may as well fire yourself right now.

It is a song that never sounds bad in any context. How many songs like that are there really?…

The rest of the album is excellent, but it all kind of pales next to LST.

This fairly worn copy was acquired at the semi-annual KFAI Record Sale (all LPs $1!) in November 2007. It sounds great.

(A song produced by Questlove from the upcoming Al Green album has been leaked to the internets: “Thought It Out”. Look for it – it is fantastic.)