The Best $1 I Spent in 2007

OK, so it took 35 years but I finally own a copy of Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.

I’ve treasured multiple Al Green Greatest Hits LPs and CDs over the years, but I’ve never owned a copy of this LP until now.

If you are a wedding DJ and you arrive at the gig without the title song from this album you may as well fire yourself right now.

It is a song that never sounds bad in any context. How many songs like that are there really?…

The rest of the album is excellent, but it all kind of pales next to LST.

This fairly worn copy was acquired at the semi-annual KFAI Record Sale (all LPs $1!) in November 2007. It sounds great.

(A song produced by Questlove from the upcoming Al Green album has been leaked to the internets: “Thought It Out”. Look for it – it is fantastic.)


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  1. KFAI Record Show « Surface Noise™ Says:

    […] can find bargains galore (CDs: $5; LPs: $1) and not feel buyer’s remorse because the proceeds from your purchase help […]

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