Woefully underrepresented in the domestic DVD market, Alberto Lattuada is probably best known in the US for his delightful low rent show biz farce Variety Lights, an early collaboration with Federico Fellini. 1962’s Mafioso stars the priceless Alberto Sordi (The White Shiek) as a Sicilian who has become a successful business and family man in Milan. A trip back to the ancestral home in Sicily makes clear that his family ties can’t be easily walked away from. Mafioso is for the most part a frothy light comedy but by the end reveals its dark undercurrents. Bravo to Criterion for this essential release.


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4 Responses to “Mafioso”

  1. thenext8seconds Says:

    hello there, i stumbled across your blog and i was stunned by how nice your layout and especially your header looked, and your blog alone really made me want to try out wordpress… but i do have a question.

    how did you make it so it says “Surface Noise” along with the trademark superscript in the web browser title bar (in the top left hand corner)?

    because i made my custom header picture, but when i go to my options screen to put in a blog title, it puts the title i put in in big white text over my custom header picture.

    any suggestions??? thank you

    if you come look at my blog, i’ve put in two dots as my blog title for now so you could see what i’m talking about

  2. Brad Wrolstad Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments!

    I’ve embedded the blog title in my custom image header. The image was created in Photoshop and then saved as a web image.

    To remove the default blog title from your custom header, go to the Custom Image Header page via the Presentation menu in your Dashboard. Click on the Hide Text button directly below the image of your header and that should solve the problem.

  3. thenext8seconds Says:

    oh thank you so much… it worked perfectly. i thought there should probably be an option for that that i was probably just missing somewhere along the way.

    now that it’s fixed. you can take a look if you like. i have my blog title embedded in my custom image header also (a fictional reminder), along with a quote.

    i used a combination of good old MS Paint and a simple image editing program called Irfanview to do my header. Photoshop’s a little complex for me.

    anyway thanks again!!!!

  4. thenext8seconds Says:

    hmm for some reason my name isn’t clickable like yours so you probably don’t even have a link to my blog.

    it’s – all of the entries on it right now are really really old. i’m in the process of moving all of my entries over

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