African Rhythms 5/22/08

Sitting in for Salif and Charlie. Featured titles: Nigeria Rock Special, African Scream Contest, Made In Dakar by Orchestra Baobab.

Ofo The Black Company Eniaro Nigeria Rock Special Soundway
Lokonon André & Les Volcans Mi Ma Kpe Dji African Scream Contest Analog Africa
Salah Ragab & The Afro Egyptian Ensemble Ole Honest Jons 12″
Mayra Andrade Lua Navega RCA
Orchestra Baobab Ndeleng Ndeleng Made In Dakar Nonesuch
Budos Band Budos Rising Budos Band II Daptones
Mahmoud Ahmed Ere Mela Mela Best Of Ethiopiques Manteca
Dee Dee Bridgewater Afro Blue Red Earth Universal
Kekele Ponton La Belle Kinavana Sterns
Songhai Jarabi Songhai Hannibal
Amadou & Mariam Bali Maou Tje Ni Mousso Circular Moves
The Funkees Acid Rock Nigeria Rock Special
Picoby Band D’Abomey Mi Ma Kpe Dji African Scream Contest
Nomo Reasons New Tones Ubiquity
Najite Olokun Prophecy Showtime Africa Before Invasion EFA
Amani unreleased song
Tinariwen Tamatant Tilay Aman Iman World Village
Tabu Ley Rocherau Omanga The Voice Of Lightness Sterns
Sara Tavares One Love Balance Times Square
Orchestra Baobab Pape Ndiaye Made In Dakar Nonesuch
The Hygrades In The Jungle Nigeria Rock Special Soundway
Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats Let Em Talk Heavy Heavy Heavy Soundway
Ernest Ranglin Anna In Search Of The Lost Riddim Palm

African Rhythms 5/22/08
KFAI Minneapolis


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