Olga Lehmann

Olga Lehmann was a gifted Chilean artist who during the course of a long and prolific career in England created book illustrations, set designs, portraits and murals. For a short time in the 1950s she worked for the British classical label Argo and designed a small number of incredible album covers, including the one above for Under Milk Wood. I’m only aware of one other LP design by her, her equally frenetic and joyous cover for The Beggar’s Opera. (If anyone out there in blogland knows of or has scans of other Argo designs by Lehmann, please drop us a line!)

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  1. Paul Huson Says:

    Hi, I’m Olga Lehmann’s son. If you’d care to check Olga’s name on Wikipedia, you’ll see a list of many of the Argo record sleeves she designed during the ‘fifties. I have one or two scans of them if you’re interested.


    Paul Huson

    • Brad Wrolstad Says:

      Greetings, Paul – Many thanks! It certainly looks like her entry on Wikipedia has been richly enhanced since the last time I checked. Any scans that you’d care to forward to me at brad at bradwrolstad.com would be most appreciated.

  2. More Olga Lehmann « Surface Noise™ Says:

    […] became an all-encompassing project: whether it was illustrating Dylan Thomas’ play for voices Under Milk Wood or music from Calypsonian Edric Connor (one example above), Lehmann took it upon herself to fit […]

  3. Sherry Borges Says:

    I have a copy of the Argo Record co. 2 LP set of Under Milk Wood (RG 21 & 22)with this exact Olga Lehmann cover just slightly worn at the edges.
    Is any buyer/collector interested in this ?

  4. folkcatalogue Says:

    Hi, i’m ploughing my way through the argo folk catalogue for a blog i’m doing and have so far come across the following album covers by Olga Lehmann:

    1954 Edric Connor – Songs from Jamaica
    1955 Edric Connor – Songs from Trinidad
    Edric Connor – Calypso (not attributed on front cover)
    1956 Carmen Prietto & Bert Weedon – Songs from Mexico

    will refer readers to your really interesting blog.

  5. Mac Wood Says:

    Hello Paul, I was researching some work my father, Gilbert Wood, did with your mother in the ’40s.
    They were working on murals in an underground factory near Bath. I remember seeing photos ,but the whole thing was deadly secret and I was about 8 so didn’t take much notice.
    Since then a BBC documentary has covered the site and you can take a virtual tour round the place ,which is enormous,but not a glimpse of the murals which are supposed to be still there.

  6. folkcatalogue Says:

    Hi Brad, don’t suppose you’ve got an email address for Paul Huson, have you? And are you interested in more Olga Lehmann covers? I keep digging up the odd one or two.

  7. Mac Wood Says:

    Hi there……Mac McConnell-Wood here – don’t know if you were trying to contact me, but I have Paul Huson’s phone number.
    I am interested in my father’s working relationship with Olga and have some biographical notes by her,which were passed by Paul to a guy who was researching the Soho mob during the ’30s -40s.
    I feel reluctant to pass it on having once phoned Paul at 3.am forgetting the time zone (he lives in California)!

    Let me know if I can help you.

    Happy New Year! Mac

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    folkcatalogue added a new comment to the post Olga Lehmann.

    folkcatalogue said on Olga Lehmann
    July 17, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    • folkcatalogue Says:

      Hi Mac, cheers for the response.

      I’m doing a blog on argo records and am working on a page showing all the Olga Lehmann covers that I’ve come across so far. I’m going to give some biographical details of Olga L, but am a bit stuck about how she ended up working on the label. My guess is through some connection in the film world, but can’t substantiate it.

      All I know of that period is that a year after her first album cover, her husband (Paul’s dad), started working as Argo’s PR person.

      Any help/leads would be much appreciated.


  8. Mac Wood Says:

    OK- Paul’s number, which is conveniently printed on the extracts of Olga’s
    biog notes , is :xxx xxx xxxx. This is 9 years old ,so I don’t know if it’s still relevant.
    That was when I phoned him at 3 am Californian time!
    If you do contact him -apologise for me (I bottled out !) and mention that I would really like to read her whole biography (I only got 10 pages concerning her work with my Pa).
    Cheers , Mac

  9. folkcatalogue Says:

    if you’re interested. i’ve posted the collection of Olga Lehmann’s Argo album covers in this post:


    kind regards

  10. Peter van der Meer Says:

    Does anyone know if Olga Lehmann the artist is the same person as the Olga Lehmann who wrote the biography of the great geologist, Dr. Hans Merensky, “Look beyond the Wind”, published in the fifties?

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