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Temposphere, 11/29/08

November 29, 2008

Temposphere, KFAI, Saturday November 29, 2008, sitting in for Luke Andrews: into the deep dubby world of Sly & Robbie and their recent collaborations with Horace Andy and Amp Fiddler, plus tracks from Jazzanova’s new CD Of All The Things and a special early 80’s underground set with info on the upcoming Bush Tetras reunion in Minneapolis. You can stream the show here for two weeks; set list follows the break.


Horace Andy with Sly & Robbie

November 28, 2008

More Taxi productions! It completely passed me by that roots legend Horace Andy recently cut a record with Sly and Robbie. Here’s visual proof: a video for I’m Alive (from the CD Livin’ It Up).

Jazz Covers by Taschen

November 26, 2008

Taschen, purveyors of an endless stream of gorgeous design books, have just released a magnificent volume called Jazz Covers, an overview of great design (and not so great: some of the selected LPs have been featured on the Crap Album Covers blog – hey, it’s all a matter of taste) from the 50’s through the 80’s. Try before you buy: the entire edition of Jazz Covers can be browsed online. (related: Vintage Jazz Record Covers)

Global Beat 11/19/08

November 19, 2008

I sat in for Doug Cain today on the Global Beat show at KFAI. We fit in a couple of tracks from the new Amp Fiddler/Sly & Robbie disc, plus recent cuts from Rokia Traore (above), Juana Molina, Buika, Seu Jorge, and lots more. You can stream the show here for two weeks; playlist after the break.


Amp Fiddler in Kingston

November 17, 2008

From Strut Records, here’s a nice mini-doc on the making of Amp Fiddler’s new CD with Sly & Robbie.

Sunset Boulevard

November 12, 2008

I managed to remain immune to Sunset Boulevard‘s charms for a long time, but a recent viewing on TCM has brought me around full circle. Gloria Swanson’s portrayal of Norma Desmond is way more nuanced than I remembered: she hits the melodramatic high notes of the silent era queen, but also provides very subtle comedy and poignancy throughout the film. Absolutely perfect casting, as is William Holden as the cynical fly caught in the spider’s web.

The ahead-of-its-time dark humor runs deep in this great film. It stands outside categorization: “Noir/crime/black comedy/tragedy/Hollywood insider story” doesn’t do it justice. (For further appreciation check out Kim Morgan on 11 Hollywood Closeups and 8 New Year’s Eve Movies, the Self-Styled Siren on Billy Wilder, and Sheila O’Malley on Gloria Swanson.)

James Brown 1974

November 12, 2008

While the DVD set I Got the Feelin’: James Brown in the 60’s was a slight disappointment (mostly due to the horrendous sound quality of the live shows; the documentary included is essential), clips like the one here from the Midnight Special (a white-hot medley of The Payback, I Can’t Stand It, Poppa’s Got A Brand New Bag and lots more) keep floating around to keep up happy while we wait for the release of the Zaire Rumble In The Jungle concert.

Reggae 45s, part 2

November 1, 2008

From various eBay auctions. (Related post: Reggae 45s part 1)