Global Beat 12/31/08

It was my pleasure to host the year-end Global Beat show today on KFAI, filling in for Doug Cain. We heard a number of old favorites plus a great new Afrobeat track from Lightning Head and a song from the funky new album from Stephanie McKay. You can stream the show for two weeks here; playlist follows.

Roberto Fonseca – Tierra En Mano
album: Zamazu; label: Enja

Lightning Head – Bokoor Sound Special
album: 12″; label: Lion Head

Rokia Traore – Tounka
album: Tchamantche; label: Nonesuch

Jazzanova with Ben Westbeech – I Can See
album: Of All The Things; label: Verve

Sugar Minott – Uptown Girl
album: Herbman Hustling; label: Black Roots

Orgone – I Get Lifted
album: The Killion Floor; label: Ubiquity

Alla – Una Dia Otra Noche
album: Es Tiempo; label: Crammed

Edu Lobo – Limite Das Aguas
album: Limite Das Aguas; label: Continental

Ofo The Black Company – Eniaro
album: Nigeria Rock Special; label: Soundway

Fatman Riddim Section – Fidel At The Control
album: Heavyweight Dub/Killer Dub; label: Blood & Fire

Maria Rita – Mal Intento
album: Segundo; label: WEA Latin

Fabulous Three – Recording #82
album: The Majestic Collection; label: Soul Fire

Stephanie McKay – Say What You Feel
album: Tell It Like It Is; label: Muthas Of Invention

Gabor Szabo – Galatea’s Guitar
album: Dreams; label: Skye

Duke Pearson – Sandelia Dela
album: How Insensitive; label: Blue Note

Soul Quality Quartet – Toda Tersafeira
album: Jazzanova The Remixes; label: Compost

Sly & Robbie – True Rastaman Dub
album: Livin’ It Up Dub; label: Taxi

Horace Andy – True Rastaman
album: Livin’ It Up; label: Taxi

Buika – No Habla Nadie En El Mundo
album: Nina De Fuego; label: DRO Atlantic

Amp Fiddler – Crazy Day
album: Inspiration Information; label: Strut

Kutiman – Music Is Ruling My World
album: 12″; label: Melting Pot

Federico Aubele – Tan Dificile
album: Panamericana; label: ESL

Cornel Campbell – The Sun
album: Natty Dread Anthology; label: Trojan

Freddie Hubbard – Gibraltar
album: 12″; label: CTI

Kekele – Ponton La Belle
album: Kinavana; label: Sterns

Hugh Masekela – Ashiko
album: Live at Market Theatre; label: Times Square


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