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Temposphere, KFAI 08/29/09

August 29, 2009


This week’s Temposphere marked the debut of tracks from Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen, Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (aka Money Mark, Shawn Lee, and Tommy Guerrero) and Chinese guzheng player Bei Bei with Shawn Lee, along with classic cuts from The Impressions, Junior Reid, Them, Nat King Cole, Lucinda Williams, Serge Gainbourg and many other worthies. You are encouraged to enjoy the show at your convenience (pause it when you need to run errands!) via MP3 streaming or Real Audio at the KFAI site (an offer good for two weeks only). Playlist is just a click away.


Temposphere, KFAI 08/22/09

August 22, 2009


Tonight’s edition of Temposphere was adorned with lovely new music from such artists as Kylie Auldist, Sara Tavares, Quantic & His Combo Barbaro, and Brownout, an amazing Latin funk band from Austin, Texas. The new was bolstered by the classic: tracks from Jon Hendricks, Funkadelic, Hugh Mundell and Lorez Alexandria sounded equally bright and shiny alongside their younger siblings. As always, the show is available in full dimensional stereo (your preference: MP3 stream or Real Audio) for two weeks after the broadcast date at the KFAI site. Playlist can also be found at there or here after the break.

(image is from Pilllpat’s Flickr photostream.)


20 Shots: Les Bas-Fonds (1936)

August 19, 2009


Jean Renoir’s version of The Lower Depths has the rich ambience of classic film noir minus the cynicism. The lead role goes to Jean Gabin who manages to make being un voleur seem like a noble career path, but the heart of the movie belongs to Louis Jouvet’s Baron, who lives his own riches to rags story with great equanimity as long as he can find a card game to sit in on. There’s plenty of counterpoint between high society and a forgotten underworld here and it’s always clear where the Baron’s, and Renoir’s, sympathies lie. Solid performances (by Gabin, Jouvet, Suzy Prim, Jany Holt, André Gabriello, and the rest of the ensemble cast) and tight, interwoven storytelling make this one of Renoir’s finest though lesser known films.

78 RPM Record Labels, part 2

August 10, 2009


Joel Slotnikoff’s latest quarterly 78 auction (#42!) is up and running (closing date: September 15; minimum bid on most items: $5). Along with the usual rich selection of American jazz, blues, country and R&B records, there’s an amazing trove of 78s from around the world. If you’ve been looking to fill in your collection of Bengali devotional songs, Hindustani classical or Phillipine blues records you shouldn’t hesitate to check it out. Joel’s now posting photos of many of the available items at his Blues World website, a smattering of which are shown here.

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Sara Tavares: Xinti

August 5, 2009


One of my favorite CDs over the last few years has been Balancê by Sara Tavares – it’s such a constant presence in the record bag that I’ve worried about over-playing it (update: didn’t happen). Four Quarters is solving my non-dilemma by releasing her gorgeous new album Xinti on August 11. (The next conundrum that needs to be addressed is the lack of a Minneapolis date on her US tour this fall…) Videos for Bué and Ponto de Luz are up at the YouTube.