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Global Beat, KFAI 10/28/09

October 28, 2009


On today’s show I featured brand new tracks from Mayra Andrade and Bebel Gilberto as well as recent and vintage cuts from Freddie McGregor, Milton Nascimento, Beto Villares and Puerto Plata. If you missed the show nao faz mal! It’s available for streaming for two weeks at the KFAI site, here. The complete playlist is posted there and here, after the break.

image is from All Things Amazing.


Alex Steinweiss

October 22, 2009



The record album, when it was invented by George Avakian in the 1940s, was literally an album of 4 or 5 78 RPM singles. Avakian, an employee of Columbia Records, came upon the idea as a way of mining Columbia’s archives for reissues. Alex Steinweiss, another young Columbia staffer, became the first record cover designer. His simple and memorable graphics for Columbia and other labels over the next decades have been compiled into a grand volume to be issued next month by Taschen. If you don’t have $500 to spare for the book you can browse through all 422 pages here.

LP Covers: Global Tour part 4

October 17, 2009


There are a finite number of LPs in existence on the planet Earth. But as anyone who has started down the slippery slope of record accumulation knows, for all practical purposes the number is infinite.

The LP covers (with a few EPs mixed in) pictured here arrive from all over, including reliable sources like Loronix, Global Groove, LP Cover Lover, Drillpop, and various eBay auctions.

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Gainsbourg and Birkin by Tony Frank

October 9, 2009




Tony Frank became a photographer for Serge Gainsbourg in 1968 and worked with him continually through the years, creating the iconic cover for Histoire de Melody Nelson (with a red-wigged Jane Birkin) and capturing the Gainsbourg famille in many candid and unseen shots now gathered in a book (currently available only in France).

photos via The World of Kane.

Python @ 40

October 6, 2009


Monty Python’s Flying Circus made its debut on the BBC on October 5, 1969. Say no more.