Global Beat, KFAI 09/22/10

Cory Wong and Eric Foss from Secret Stash Records joined me on today’s show to talk about their Afro-Peruvian project Peña. We also heard new music from Chico Mann and Cheikh Lo plus other classics new and old from near and far. The show can be heard as an MP3 stream for the next two weeks at the KFAI site; the playlist is posted both there and here, after the break.

Adua E Le Compagne photo with Simone Signoret and Marcello Mastroianni via apostrophe9

Orlando Cachaito Lopez – Redencion
album: Orlando Cachaito Lopez; label: Nonesuch

Chico Mann – Ya Yo Sé
album: single; label: Wax Poetics

Zuco 103 – Pororoca (Johan Mendez remix)
album: Retouched! After the Carnaval remixes; label: Six Degrees

Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno – Dog With a Rope
album: Dog With a Rope; label: Tru Thoughts

Joan Soriano – Vocales de Amor
album: El Duque de la Bachata; label: Iaso

Vieux Farka Touré – Fafa
album: Vieux Farka Touré Live; label: Six Degrees

Piero Piccioni – Senza Via D’uscita
album: Colpo Revente; label: Easy Tempo

Chromeo – J’ai Claqué la Porte
album: Business Casual; label: Big Beat/Vice

Cheikh Lo – Jamm (dub)
album: Jamm; label: World Circuit

Black Sugar – The Loser
album: Black Sugar; label: Lazarus

Ocotea – Black Mother
album: Ocotea; label: SomeOthaShipConnect

Pacifika – SuperMagique
album: SuperMagique; label: Six Degrees

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – Global Threat
album: Rise & Shine; label: Cumbancha

Orgone – The Score
album: Killion Vaults; label: Ubiquity

Peña – El Carmen
album: Peña; label: Secret Stash

Peña – Tarumbero
album: Peña; label: Secret Stash

Peña – Barranco Lando
album: Peña; label: Secret Stash

Peña – El Mayoral
album: Peña; label: Secret Stash

Peña – Chincha
album: Peña; label: Secret Stash

Peña – Todos Vuelven
album: Peña; label: Secret Stash

Vis a Vis – Obi Agye Mi Dofo
album: Ghana Special; label: Soundway

Aloe Blacc – Miss Fortune (instrumental)
album: Good Things; label: Stones Throw

Luisa Maita – Lero-Lero
album: Lero-Lero; label: Cumbancha

Quadron – Simili Life
album: Quadron; label: Plug Research

Haggis Horns – Way of the Haggis
album: Keep On Movin’; label: First Word


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