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Temposphere, KFAI 12/25/10

December 25, 2010

I’ve been unable so far to come up with a best of 2010 list but a healthy gathering of some of my favorite tracks of the year were mixed with older classics on tonight’s edition of Temposphere on KFAI. You can check out the show via MP3 for 2 weeks at the KFAI site where you can also find the playlist (posted on this blog as well, after the skip).

Vince Lombardi, Fordham Rams, press photo 1933 via Defensive Indifference


Stormy Weather poster, 1943

December 16, 2010

frankly my dear

Temposphere, KFAI 12/11/10

December 11, 2010

Four wheel drive, how many ways do I appreciate you? You got me to KFAI during the worst Twin Cities winter storm in 19 years and you got me back home. Between those epic events I picked up the last half hour of Caribbean Jam and hosted Temposphere on an extreme December night. The climate was subhuman but the music wherever you happened to be was warm and relaxing. You can enjoy this mix of samba, reggae, afrobeat and soul for two weeks at the KFAI site.

Henri Cartier Bresson


LP cover: Shehnai Nawaz

December 5, 2010

Bismillah Khan on EMI (India), 1964

Anthems for the Nation of Luobaniya

Chained publicity photo, 1934

December 1, 2010

Clark Gable and Joan Crawford

hedda hopper