African Rhythms, KFAI 04/28/11

We started off today’s African Rhythms with a radical reworking of the Beatles’ Blackbird (“Dead of Night” by Mauritian percussionist/singer Mo Kolours) and kept things moving in eclectic, serendipitous directions including cuts from Omar Sosa, Abdou Guité Seck and Céu (all with upcoming or ongoing Minneapolis performances). You can hear the show via MP3 stream for the next two weeks at the KFAI site, where you can also check out the complete playlist.

King Sunny Adé, The Royal Sound via Global Groove

Mo Kolours – Dead of Night
album: Drum Talking; label: One Handed Music

Terakaft – Alghalem
album: Aratan N Azawad; label: World Village

Boozoo Bajou – Yoruba Road
album: Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble; label: Shanachie

Tarika – Samy Mandeha Samy Mitady
album: D; label: Xenophile

Gnonnas Pedro – Adigbedoto
album: Africa Boogaloo: The Latinization of West Africa; label: Honest Jons

Buika – No Habrá Nadie en el Mundo
album: Niña de Fuego; label: DRO Atlantic

The Echocentrics – Mundo Pequeno
album: Sunshadows; label: Ubiquity

Malika Zarra – Mossameeha
album: Berber Taxi; label: Motéma

Afrocubism – Keme Bourama
album: Afrocubism (bonus track); label: World Circuit

K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Hwehwe Na Yi Wo Mpena
album: K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas; label: Continental Records

Skeletons – Gravel
album: Smile; label: Impossible Ark

Céu – O Ronco do Cuíca
album: Céu; label: Six Degrees

Kekele – Tapale
album: Kinavana; label: Stern’s

Rumbanella Band – Kellya
album: Very Best of Congolese Rumba; label: Harmonia Mundi

Artur Nunes – Mana
album: Soul of Angola; label: Lusafrica

King Sunny Adé – Tolongo
album: Ajoo; label: Makossa

Bana – Isolada
album: Mornas du Cape Verde: La Collection Plus Belles; label: Lusafrica

Abdou Guité Seck – Modou Modou
album: Early Work; label: Talla Diagne

Mario Lucio – Tabankabé
album: Kreol; label: Lusafrica

Omar Sosa and Mark Weinstein – Walking Song
album: Tales from the Earth; label: Tá Records

Rokia Traoré – Sara
album: Bowmboi; label: Nonesuch


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