African Rhythms, KFAI 12/01/11

On Thursday’s edition of African Rhythms on KFAI: new music from Hindi Zahra (Paris via Morocco) and Tendai “Baba” Maraire (Zimbabwe via USA, Shabazz Palaces), a look at Congolese music, new and vintage, and its Cuban influences, and much more with Brad, Jojo and Deborah. The show is available as an MP3 stream for 2 weeks at the KFAI site.

Hindi Zahra photo: Art and Culture Maven

Hindi ZahraAhiawa
album: Handmade; label: Naive
Tendai “Baba” MaraireRhodzi
album: Wona Baba Maraire; label: Hearth Music
Captain PlanetNingane
album: Cookin’ Gumbo; label: Bastard Jazz
FangaIba featuring Tony Allen and Segun Damisa
album: Natural Juice; label: Underdog Records
LuraM’Bem Di Fora
album: M’Bem Di Fora; label: Lusafrica
TinariwenTamatant Tilay
album: Aman Iman: Water is Life; label: World Village
Rumbanella BandEl Congo
album: El Congo: Rumba Congolese; label: Marabi
Staff Benda BililiMoto Moindo
album: Tres Tres Fort; label: Crammed
Rumbanella Band with Tabu Ley RocherauKeliya
album: El Congo: Rumba Congolese; label: Marabi
Mbaraka Mwinshehe & the Morogoro Jazz BandDr. Kleruu
album: Best of Tanzania 1969 – 1972; label: Dizim
DRC MusicHallo featuring Tout Puissant Mukalo & Nelly Liyenge
album: Kinshasa One Two; label: Warp
Lucky DubeReap What You Sew
album: House of Exile; label: Shanachie
Alpha BlondySweet Fanta Diallo
album: Paris Bercy; label: Shanachie
InnocentMasai Warrior
album: Innocent; label: Nare
John Arisi OsababuNinki Mogate Sete
album: Retracing the Benga Rhythm: Music from Keny; label: Ketebul Music
Tempo All StarsTake Off
album: Next Stop Soweto volume 1; label: Strut
Kanda Bongo ManLiza
album: The Very Best of Kanda Bongo Man; label: Nascente
Quartier LatinUltimatum
album: Ultimatum; label: Sonodisc
Omar SouleymanKell Il Benat Inkhatbam
album: Jazeera Nights; label: Sublime Frequencies
Daara JLe Cycle featuring Rokia Traore
album: Boomerang; label: Wrasse
GidigidimajimajiAtoti part 1
album: Gidigidimajimaji; label: Gallo

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