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EP cover: Lady Black Cat Strikes Again

September 9, 2010

Connie Chan on Pathé EMI (Hong Kong), 1967

Soft Film


EP cover: The Golden Cat

May 9, 2010

Josephine Siao on Pathé EMI (China), 1967.

from Soft Film: Vintage Chinese Cinema

Asian Pop Record Covers

May 10, 2009


While I troll for reggae 45s by The Melodians on eBay, I’m regularly finding vibrant looking records from the prolific 60s Chinese pop group Maurice Patton and The Melodians. The covers are typically dynamic, colorful, and often feature pretty girls dancing “a go go.” Not the type of product you’d expect to see coming from the regime of Chairman Mao, the Melodians were based in swinging Hong Kong. Patton & The Melodians were just one facet of the massive world of 60’s Asian pop. For a far deeper taste, check out David Greenfield’s incredible gallery of Asian Pop Records, from which the covers shown here are but a small sample. Featuring meticulous scans of hundreds of rarities from Ismail Haron & The Guys, Agnes Chan (Will The Circle Game Be Unbroken in “Stereomono”), Chan Pao Chu, Chang Siao Ying, Lotus Liew (“Miss Singapore Runner Up 1967”) and many other artists from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan, the site is more evidence of the explosion of pop music around the globe in the 1960s.

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