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High and Dizzy publicity still, 1920

August 7, 2010

Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

La Contessa

20 Actors (encore)

June 4, 2009


Not one to leave well enough alone, and long after the train has left the station, I’ve assembled 20 more worthies for your consideration.

Lee Marvin, Ricardo Montalban, Adrien Brody, Victor McLaglen, Alain Delon, Anthony Hopkins, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, John Cassavetes, Maurice Chevalier, Michael Caine, Desi Arnaz, Basil Rathbone, Sean Connery, Harold Lloyd, Clark Gable, Gene Kelly, John Barrymore, Roscoe Arbuckle,  Gerard Depardieu.

While we’re at it may I draw your attention to:

Glenn Kenny’s great post on 10 influential film books. Love the inclusion of The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film (a masterpiece compilation of left-field movies), plus many others that now need to be tracked down by me.

Give Me The Good Old Days, a film blog by Louie with many incredible scans of unseen vintage photos of movies and actors both celebrated and unjustly obscure. (El Brendel? Who knew?) (Thanks where thanks are due: The Victor McLaglen crop above comes from a wealth of McLaglen shots there.)

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