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Mandalay publicity still, 1934

May 28, 2010

Kay Francis.

source: Film Noir Photos

Kay Francis on TCM

September 4, 2008

Why do we love TCM? Plenty of reasons, the most recent of which is their inspired decision to hold a month long Kay Francis film festival. Each Thursday evening into Friday morning in the month of September brings us a non-stop run of Francis films from the pre-Code days into the late 30s. She was one of Warner Brothers’ biggest stars of the 1930s but her films are rarely seen today (I’ve only seen one Francis movie, Ernst Lubitsch’s essential Trouble In Paradise from 1932, and she is unforgettable).

Our friends at Trouble In Paradise (the blog), staunch Kay Francis devotees, have posted a gallery of images associated with the first night’s lineup, including the lobby card seen above from Jewel Robbery (1932) with William Powell.