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Richard Widmark

March 28, 2008

Electrifying noir actor Richard Widmark, seen above in Samuel Fuller’s classic Pickup on South Street, passed away this week. Kim Morgan has an appreciation at Sunset Gun. (Screen shot from The Art of Memory.)

Directors at Work

January 12, 2008

Tom Sutpen, over at the superb visual blog If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger, has posted a stunning portfolio of photos of directors at work with shots of everyone from DW Griffith to Werner Herzog (pictured above) on the job.

Fallen Angel

November 20, 2007

Otto Preminger’s 1945 stab at noir falls apart before its ending but the first hour or so is classic mid 40’s hard boiled American cynicism with great lighting. Dana Andrews in particular impresses with a sentiment-free portrayal of a fast thinking con man who is fatefully beguiled by the coffee shop siren inhabited by Linda Darnell. His stiletto-hatted figure cuts through the small town California setting like an amoral future ghost with nothing to lose but the moment at hand.