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Sons of the Desert production photo, 1933

October 31, 2010

William A. Seiter, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel


Liberty publicity still, 1929

February 20, 2010

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

20 Actors (coda)

March 5, 2009


One more go-round with the 20 actors theme, and then we can give it a rest. More tough guys, funny guys, guys with hats, guys with mustaches. All unforgettable.

Spencer Tracy, Emil Jannings, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Fred Astaire, Boris Karloff, Robert Mitchum, Charles Laughton, Chishu Ryu, Gunnar Bjornstrand, Rod Steiger, Takashi Shimura, Daniel Craig, Bruno Ganz, Jeff Bridges, Jason Stathan, Jeffrey Wright, Tony Leung, Alec Baldwin, Daniel Day Lewis.

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