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African Rhythms, KFAI 08/16/12

August 16, 2012

On today’s African Rhythms: Tinariwen remixed, new M.anifest, deep cuts from Senegal and the Gambia, and an Anglo-Afro-Brasileiro musical tribute to the passing of the Olympic torch. 2 hours with Brad and Jojo, streaming now at the KFAI site.

Marisa Monte via LA Times


African Salute to James Brown

August 30, 2008

It could have been billed the American Salute to James Brown: JB stalwarts Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley were up front and center, with Pee Wee in charge of the proceedings. The funk came hard and strong, with some curveballs thrown in like a lovely Try Me with vocals by Martha High and doo-wop backing by Pee Wee and company. 2 bona fide African stars made it to Minneapolis: Vieux Farka Toure and Chiekh Lo each had a star turn, most spectacularly on This Is A Man’s World with stunning vocals by Lo. It would have been nice to hear more from Lo and Farka Toure, but the music was so strong all night it’s hard to quibble. (Above: Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis and Charles McNeil at the Dakota, Minneapolis, August 25, 2008. Photo by Mitchel Anderson.)

Orchestra Baobab – Ndéleng Ndéleng

July 5, 2008

In honor of Orchestra Baobab‘s stunning performance at the Dakota on Monday, here they are on the Jools Holland show doing Ndéleng Ndéleng, with the great Barthélemy Attisso on lead guitar.

African Rhythms 5/22/08

May 25, 2008

Sitting in for Salif and Charlie. Featured titles: Nigeria Rock Special, African Scream Contest, Made In Dakar by Orchestra Baobab.

Ofo The Black Company Eniaro Nigeria Rock Special Soundway
Lokonon André & Les Volcans Mi Ma Kpe Dji African Scream Contest Analog Africa
Salah Ragab & The Afro Egyptian Ensemble Ole Honest Jons 12″
Mayra Andrade Lua Navega RCA
Orchestra Baobab Ndeleng Ndeleng Made In Dakar Nonesuch
Budos Band Budos Rising Budos Band II Daptones
Mahmoud Ahmed Ere Mela Mela Best Of Ethiopiques Manteca
Dee Dee Bridgewater Afro Blue Red Earth Universal
Kekele Ponton La Belle Kinavana Sterns
Songhai Jarabi Songhai Hannibal
Amadou & Mariam Bali Maou Tje Ni Mousso Circular Moves
The Funkees Acid Rock Nigeria Rock Special
Picoby Band D’Abomey Mi Ma Kpe Dji African Scream Contest
Nomo Reasons New Tones Ubiquity
Najite Olokun Prophecy Showtime Africa Before Invasion EFA
Amani unreleased song
Tinariwen Tamatant Tilay Aman Iman World Village
Tabu Ley Rocherau Omanga The Voice Of Lightness Sterns
Sara Tavares One Love Balance Times Square
Orchestra Baobab Pape Ndiaye Made In Dakar Nonesuch
The Hygrades In The Jungle Nigeria Rock Special Soundway
Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats Let Em Talk Heavy Heavy Heavy Soundway
Ernest Ranglin Anna In Search Of The Lost Riddim Palm

African Rhythms 5/22/08
KFAI Minneapolis

Orchestra Baobab

May 16, 2008

In honor of Nonesuch finally getting around to releasing Made In Dakar (May 20 – 7 months after the UK release) here’s more of OB’s live majesty.

Made In Dakar

February 13, 2008

In the absence of any evidence of an American release soon, your host bit the bullet and ordered the UK World Circuit edition of Orchestra Baobab‘s magisterial new CD, Made In Dakar. He does not regret the decision. Lusciously recorded and played with the assurance of decades of experience, the disc breaks no new ground but solidifies Baobab’s timeless power. Highest recommendation.

Tip of the cap to House at Intro‘s typically fantastic retro to the future packaging design.

Orchestra Baobab

February 1, 2008

A live performance of Nijaay, a song with a nice slow burn, by Orchestra Baobab at the 2004 Malta Jazz Festival in Poland. (When is their new CD coming out in the US? There’s no sign of a release date on the Nonesuch website. I have given up and ordered a copy from the UK. Review to follow.)

Orchestra Baobab

January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!